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Let me introduce myself.

I was born in the Soviet Union in the famous Ivanovo town (Central part of Russia which is called The Golden Ring of Russia) nearby the legendary Russian Volga River and it happened on June 2, 1958, where I grew up and spent 17 years.

I graduated from High Marine College by admiral S.O. Makarov, the Arctic faculty, located in Leningrad City (today this is Saint Petersburg City) as an engineer-oceanologist (oceanographer) in 1981. One year sooner from December 1979 till June 1980 I participated in the outstanding 25th Soviet Antarctic Sea Expedition as a 1-st class sailor on the board of the diesel ship Michael Somov.

I was working as a scientist and a chief of scientific field summer and winter expeditions on Lake Onega and the White Sea in the Academy of Sciences of the USSR from 1981 till 1994 in Petrozavodsk town, located in Karelia. I was the first who created the "Classification of the internal waves in Lake Onega" based on detailed investigations of the temperature and currents data obtained for a long period of time and fulfilled thanks to a unique "Maximum Entropy Spectral Analysis" offered to me by my colleague from Israel in 1988. I have received the scientific degree in 1994 as a Ph. D. in oceanography, a specialist in Internal Waves Dynamics.

In the dark time from 1994 till 2000 I was working as a local businessman in Petrozavodsk selling the different types of water filters and as a local dealer of RISO Kagaku Corporation (Japanese company created "nature-friendly" RISO digital printing machines). My brave attempt to become rich in 1995 by making the first million on replacement of the Petrozavodsk town water filtration system (in association with Swiss Katadyn and American Culligan companies as a joint project) failed because the situation was already under control of Russian mafia. I made a try to overcome the hardship by publishing an article in the local newspaper about the dangerous quality of tap water in correlation with many diseases, but very soon, as a result of my persistence, I met with new serious and dangerous problem.

In January 2000 I was forced to immigrate from Russia to Canada as a political refugee, trying to find out a more safe place to protect my family from mafia treatment. Since November 2000 I am a Canadian citizen.

In Canada, I got lost as a scientist forever by working mostly at construction as a carpenter and painter in order to survive due to the specific conditions created in this country partly because of the absence of respect in Canadian government to the national scientific interests associated with water, and to the people with a scientific degree as well.

To my mind as my first impression which is still up to today, Canada looks like a huge international EXPO, where the participants (immigrants) came from all over the world together with their national products to sell for profit by building temporary exhibition stands (funny homes) as cheap as possible but paying an overpriced cost just for being there. And after all, they dare to say:"We are proud of being Canadians". But they are still silly playfull strangers with their original countries national flags waving above the cars. Is it smart? Frankly speaking, it works like a violent medical treatment at Mental Clinic. It is obvious, Canada could be organized much better. - Canada's online drugstore
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