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"Love comes with a woman,
begins with sex,
depends on the match."

Dr. S. F. Roudnev

Golden Cross®

The other side of "Golden Cross" is a human soul. The life without love and happiness is nothing. Everybody needs somebody. However, did you know that there are no two absolutely similar souls? To my mind, each soul has 7 original and unique modes — the internal waves presented inside the internal human world. A couple of people would be happy together if their internal spectra have some similarity. More similarity means more happiness. When some of the modes repeat each other a persons feel some harmony without understanding the reason. They always feel good together. Someone called it a “chemistry". However, as to me, this is all about the internal waves dynamics that exists in us. The more match between modes of the different persons the more chance for them to be happy together. Otherwise, there is no chance to make a happy life when they are absolutely different from the inside. No match in modes of waves, no music of love in life. And this is exactly what I try to investigate in human nature to help people be happy without wasting short life through making an unsuccessful experiment. But for now, I wish to share with you one more idea I always get from a distance...

Life is a Wave. Permanent movement of Nothing to Nowhere. Make no chaos in life. Make your life a beautiful wave. Feel the right movement and enjoy it.

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