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"Life comes with true water,
begins with true protein,
depends on true pH."

Dr. S. F. Roudnev

Golden Cross®

Four forces in balance with each other,
At different level — individual for each of us,
Have met as Golden Cross forever,
Revealing Nature’s secrets hidden inside us.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me represent the secret of longevity as practical guidance for health and longevity without a healthy lifestyle and compromises.

Trying to find out the truth about health for myself, I made the fascinating scientific discovery of the four internal vital forces, which totally control health and longevity without a healthy lifestyle. I gave all of them the names like mineral balance, pH balance, glutathione balance, and bacterial balance.

Shortly speaking, if you don't take care of all of them at the same time properly, trying to place them at your individual level, you do nothing good for your health. As a result, I created genius practical guidance for health and longevity "HEALTH MODEL GOLDEN CROSS BY DR. S.F. ROUDNEV"

To my mind, health and longevity don’t demand a healthy lifestyle. Everything is healthful and everything is harmful, a norm in everything — is the key to strong health. This norm looks like a golden middle, as Russians say, meaning an invisible border between wisdom and stupidity, positive and negative, black and white, strong and weak, healthy and sick. So, any knowledge is only a power when it is presented as a system or, as scientists say, a science. Putting a gigantic amount of disembodied data on health as a negative and destroying force into a positive system, I pretend to be the one who provides you with the unique practical guidance as a golden middle for your true health and longevity.

All we need to do to stay healthy is to cherish 4 basic energy forces at the same time by keeping them in balance, in harmony with each other, and at a proper, but absolutely different level, which is individual for each of us. Shortly speaking, if you don’t take care of all of them at the same time properly, you do nothing good for your health. However, in fact, all of you are just taking care of 2 or 3 of these 4 internal forces breaking a balance between all of them and demolishing your health. Any kind of food, due to the ingredients and molecular formula, belongs to one of these 4 forces of the “Golden Cross®”. A lot of foods are different in color and taste but are very common in ingredients, so eating different foods does not mean eating properly and efficiently.

Moreover, your individual level depends not only on age or genetics but also on the nature of the special internal waves, which has been discovered by myself in the human body. In my opinion, the genetics itself is based on internal waves dynamics that exists in every human body with individual features. I am probably the first scientist -oceanographer who observed a similarity between human and ocean. I suggest that the internal waves dynamics presented in any ocean, sea or lake as well as in the universe takes place in a human body too, in the same way, and as a basis of its unique entire nature. The fundamental knowledge of this science gives me the unique advantage to find and explain what nobody really can see in medicine as a whole picture.

Let me introduce and explain a health model shortly.

True HealthThe healthy human body is an aquarium where 80% is water and 20% is 30 “golden fishes” — amino acids or protein. All we need to take care of health is simple. We have to change the water and feed up fishes on time by using  true water and food and maintaining proper conditions as pH and GSH balance. There is a queenfish named GSH, which consumes only specific food named bonded cysteine presented in natural food in the complicated form that prevents effective absorption.

True WaterMineral balance. A real science about water recommends using two different types of water for inside and outside. For inside(cooking and drinking) — hard, with minerals Ca, Mg; and alkaline, pH=7. For outside(washing and shower) — ideal water is soft, without minerals, TDS=0 ppm; and acid, pH=5.5 The use of soft water for inside breaks a mineral balance and does increase the risk of heart and brain disease, obesity and osteoporosis, and many more. In accordance with “Classification of water for life” by Dr. S. F. Roudnev all water for sale at a store has to be labeled as the water of two different types — type 1 and type 2. The most simple way how to get true organic®water, hard and alkaline, is to transform tap water right at the kitchen by using #1 superior water filter on the market today. I kindly recommend you superior water filter model Aquaperform (known as MP880S in the past ).

True pHAcidity-alkalinity balance or pH balance. Human body cells need pH=7 to stay healthy. It keeps them protected against self-intoxication (severe toxins called free radicals and produced by the human body), viruses, and pathogenic bacteria(delivered to the body from outside or generated by inflammation); which don’t exist at pH=7. As a result, diseases linked to viruses will never appear. pH=7 prevents also pain and inflammation. Matol Km - is the only ideal product to keep your body cells at the right pH=7 better than all others due to quality, safety, and most importantly, thanks to the unique molecular formula. The original molecular formula (!), created by genius scientist Karl Jurak in 1922, is still one of the best discoveries up to now. Providing with all minerals and a wide variety of botanical amino acids, the product effectively eliminates pain in joints, muscles, back pain, headache, stress, and migraine. It is also highly effective to prevent stroke and heart attack by cleaning blood system channels and purifying blood. This legendary drink also controls the pancreas which is mostly responsible for normal insulin, sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight. Without a healthy pancreas, it would not be a normal weight. Order unique product online (Your money back guarantee up to 90 days) — click here.

The original molecular formula, created by genius scientist Karl Jurak in 1922
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Article about legendary drink

How to lose weight by taking care of pancreas - VIDEO

True GSHGlutathione balance. Glutathione is a superior protein produced by the human body to make immunity strong and safe. Learn how you can help yourself to make it more.The healthy human body has a natural and unique ability for self-protection against any negative impact as pollutants, heavy metals, toxins, poison, viruses linked to cancer and HIV, the infection and stress and even side effects of alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes. Cells produce unique remedy called tripeptide Glutathione(GSH). However, this ability is limited mostly by a deficiency of cysteine at a cellular level due to molecular bonds (connections between ingredients in the food we eat) which prevent getting full benefits from any food. The molecular connection is created by Nature to make a human circle of life much shorter without a chance to live longer. Thanks to only one unique product available on the market today we can change our life for the better and get the highest level of quality and longevity of life. It’s well known that longevity is limited by number 50, and we can do nothing with this maximum number of generations of our body cells. However, by using this product we can extend the period of life of all next generations. It means that if the extended period of cell generation life is 3 years, a person will live as long as 3×50=150 years and without diseases associated with aging. Moreover, by taking control of true GSH level, we will need less food to eat. True GSH controls the highest level of physical and mental potency so that people will forget about even dementia(memory loss). True GSH level takes care of genetical codes. As written in PDR book, "Glutathione augmentation is a strategy developed to address states of glutathione deficiency, high oxidative stress, immune deficiency, and xenobiotic overload in which glutathione plays a part in the detoxification of the xenobiotic in question. Glutathione deficiency states include, but are not limited to: HIV/AIDS, chemical and infectious hepatitis, prostate and other cancers, cataracts, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, radiation poisoning, malnutritive states, arduous physical stress, aging, and has been associated with sub-optimal immune response. Many clinical pathologies are associated with oxidative stress and are elaborated upon in numerous medical references. Low glutathione is also strongly implicated in wasting and negative nitrogen balance (Droge and Holm, 1997), notably as seen in cancer, AIDS, sepsis, trauma, burns and even athletic overtraining. Glutathione supplementation can oppose this process and in AIDS, for example, result in improved survival rates (Herzenberg et al, 1997)". Glutathione has multiple functions: 1. It is the major endogenous antioxidant produced by the cells, participating directly in the neutralization of free radicals and reactive oxygen compounds, as well as maintaining exogenous antioxidants such as vitamins C and E in their reduced (active) forms. 2. Through direct conjugation, it detoxifies many xenobiotics (foreign compounds) and carcinogens, both organic and inorganic. 3. It is essential for the immune system to exert its full potential, e.g. (1) modulating antigen presentation to lymphocytes, thereby influencing cytokine production and type of response (cellular or humoral) that develops, (2) enhancing proliferation of lymphocytes thereby increasing magnitude of response, (3) enhancing killing activity of cytotoxic T cells and NK cells, and (4) regulating apoptosis, thereby maintaining control of the immune response. 4. It plays a fundamental role in numerous metabolic and biochemical reactions such as DNA synthesis and repair, protein synthesis, prostaglandin synthesis, amino acid transport and enzyme activation. Thus, every system in the body can be affected by the state of the glutathione system, especially the immune system, the nervous system, the gastrointestinal system and the lungs. And this is a reality in which anybody can take part immediately. Order unique natural product online — click here.

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Glutathione - a superior protein produced by the human body to make immunity strong and safe. Learn how you can help yourself to make it more.

This revolutionary method is based on establishing contact with the electromagnetic field of the human body through the use of nano-patches. In fact, through the electromagnetic field can be detected the features of the person’s soul. My scientific discovery says: “A man — is an intelligent form of existence of water with a unique set of individual vibrations of the soul.” Everything in nature has a direct and reverse side. So, using the food material, we continue to care only about the body. But, like the lake, everyone has the wave oscillations of the wide range of frequencies or periods, where the maximum period means longevity. These periods are the characteristics of his unique soul or, scientifically, it’s a wave nature of the human body. Combining food additives (for a body) with a nano-patch (for the soul) it is possible to restore a harmony between body and soul of a man. This is a harmony of the equivalent, but opposite forces in the human body, that means a true health. Caring only about the body with the help of nutritional supplements, or only about the soul (praying, meditation, yoga, hypnosis, and so on) — there is nothing good except negative extreme or illness. And any extreme — it is a sign of insanity or evil.

True FoodBacterial balance. Energy balance means that food has to be balanced with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and Omega 3,6,9. Because of the obstacle created by Nature, we can absorb absolutely not everything that food contains. The molecular connection between ingredients in food looks like an anchor chain. To break this chain and get more benefits from the food we eat, a human body needs special “tools”. In fact, instead of food benefits, people just waste money, time and life mostly for good feelings of “pleasure hormones” which are actively produced while eating. The secret of Nature looks like a sweet ambush where people are pleased to be with — food, sex, and entertainment. Moreover, how to find good “tools” if more than 90% of 40 000 vitamins and food supplements on the market are useless just because no active ingredients inside, American Dietetic Association confirmed. One of the best criteria to find out the outstanding product is to check up is this product listed in PDR book or not. Order the outstanding best vitamins, minerals, enzymes, Omega 3,6,9

The importance of probiotic is critical. In order to get benefits from properly absorbed energy, we need to maintain a bacterial balance. Healthy immunity is based exactly on a balance between “good” and “bad” bacteria. It would not be a healthy man without strong bacterial balance at all. So that immunity means bacterial balance. And the only way to get benefits from the food we eat is to consume probiotics permanently(kefir or yogurt is useless). Health — is a world of bacteria. In fact, 99% of immunity is under control of the intestinal system and 100% of it is under the control of bacterial balance. Bacterial balance is completely controlled by Probiotics.

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The instruction

It is obvious to me, that it is not enough to know what kind of products to consume to look younger, feel better, and live much longer by keeping smoking and drinking every day. It is much more important to know how to consume these products properly to avoid a loss of time, money, and negative or even unexpected results. And how to understand easily that the products are working instead of becoming harmful or just useless. You can get this information for a one-time payment of 10 000 USD.

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I know, You don't have to believe me, because I am a stranger. But the belief starts with a try.

I can give you one perfect recommendation absolutely free of charge. Try it and you will believe me.

For those of you, who are suffering from low back pain as weak pain or dramatic chronic pain with often loss of movement as well, I would like to offer a powerful combination of two products. By the way, I am still the only person who talks about it. I was familiar with this problem myself. I helped myself and a lot of people. Today is your time.

Instead of doing anything a licenced specialist or guru can offer you, consume 2 natural products at least once a day with a glass of pure water - Astragalus root (2 capsules by 500 mg) and Colostrum (1 capsule by 500 mg) once a day (if you decide to read my book, you will know, how it works) for a short period of time from 2 weeks and up to 6 months (in severe case) together with a special exercises dedicated to spine relief (you can find Yoga video on the internet at ).

All information I presented online on YouTube regarding health and how to treat yourself without doctors was estimated as misleading info. It was the reason YouTube terminated my video channel forever. It means that I am right. The doctors and practitioners are making a huge profit for nothing from people who are not informed truthfully. What is legal medicine doing - just an illusion of treatment. That's why they are legal MAFIA.

They say that health is the most important thing. No. Simply without it, Nothing Else Matters.

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