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Serguei RoudnevHi! My name is Serguei Fedorovich Roudnev. I am a Russian-Canadian since 2000 and a political refugee from Russia. In 2006 I discovered the secret of longevity and decided to organize this website to share my knowledge with everybody.

My website is dedicated to health. The point was simple — all information you can find today about health is just a jungle to get lost and become crazy. Finally, I created something different — it looks like all you need to know for health and longevity is only on one single page. As a scientist, I began my investigation with the suggestion that all biological, chemical, physical, and electromagnetic processes taking place in the human body have to obey his individual internal waves dynamics. In other words, I imagined that the human body is just an ocean. So trying to find out the truth about health for me, I made the fascinating scientific discovery of the four internal vital forces, which totally control health and longevity without an illusive healthy lifestyle. I gave all of them the names  mineral balance, pH balance, glutathione balance, and bacterial balance.

Shortly speaking, if you don’t take care of all of them at the same time properly, trying to place them at your individual level, you do nothing good for your health. As a result, I created outstanding practical guidance for health and longevity without a healthy lifestyle — The Universal Health Model GOLDEN CROSS®

To my mind, I found the truth about health, because I have been successfully using my discovery since 2004 by helping real people in different countries to protect health and fight naturally any disease, including the most dangerous like cancer and HIV. In fact, I got a special experience in creating unique conditions in the human body, when the body starts to heal, restore and protect itself. Thanks to the Internet, I can consult from a distance. Anyone can use my discovery for longevity and for extra income as an independent distributor. But in the beginning, I recommend you to try the most outstanding natural products ever created by genius scientists in human history, at a discounted price, and you will be pleased as never before.

The mission of this site is to express my personal opinion on some aspects of life and the world and to help many people understand the truth of life through the meaning dissolved in water, or in themselves. All scientific discoveries and brilliant ideas come from outside and are not the personal merit of specific people. All scientists and writers, composers and designers have grasped the ideas that came to them from a great distance. They were just happy chosen ones, able to perceive this information, as they were tuned in to it. Such impulses come to me from a distance and act as generators of thoughts.

Water is the most transparent, but the most complex and mysterious substance. Without knowing it, a person cannot say that he understands this world. Having cognized it, a person will receive the key to the entire surrounding world, which is based on waves. Waves are of immaterial origin. But everything material is subject to waves.

All people want to know the truth and be healthy and happy. But what people hear is not capable of creating a true and complete picture of the real world. Man is a child of Nature, but he is forced to work for the system of banknotes in order to survive. The more a person makes money supposedly for himself, the stronger the system becomes and the more problems a person will face in the future. System and Nature are not friends with each other. The stronger the System, the more different problems both Nature and man will have. The person is between the Mother and the Stepmother. And a correct understanding of this is the key to a correct understanding of life. Duplicity is the face of the real world. There are positive and negative forces in it. They have a right to exist. Keeping them in harmony with each other is our main task. Any extreme is a destructive force. There must be a balance between Reason and Marasmus. There is no need to try to defeat negative forces. It is impossible to defeat them, you need to find a common language with them. This applies to the Universe, to the Earth, to human society, to mutual relationships, to health, happiness and love. And then there will be no borders, passports, officials, wars, suffering, violence and disease. But all of us should strive for this together. The earth is our common home. People, take care of her! In the meantime, try to live with meaning, do not try to look for justice in life, otherwise, you will acquire an unhappy fate. There is no justice in life, it was invented by the System. Think for yourself, do not let the system impose other people's thoughts on you and express not yours, but her desires through your mouth. Learn to distinguish white from black, because everything around us has a forward and backward side.

The world does not change, only we change. We are drops of salty seawater. This world manifests itself through waves, waves manifest through water, and water manifests itself through all living and nonliving around us and within us. Thus, the world communicates with us through waves through the water of which we are made. People communicate with each other also through the laws of the universe, which water obeys, without realizing it. And the wave laws of human nature are basic. Knowing waves and water through waves, a person cognizes himself and the world around him and, thus, strives to achieve an absolute level of intellectual development. The easiest way to get to know this world is to start studying it by studying yourself. And then you will see the truth of life, dissolved in yourself, like in a drop of water.

Faith without work is dead. That's what the Bible says. The vast majority of people simply believe, not knowing what to do with their faith. Truth, as the key to Faith, is revealed only to a select few, whom God chooses as guides of knowledge for everyone about what should be done with Faith. When people refuse to follow the Truth, the ERA OF MARASMUS begins, and people receive punishment from nature, which changes the life of human society, and the climate, and the future ...


Let me introduce myself.

I was born in the Soviet Union (I still don't know the country better so far) in the famous Ivanovo town (Central part of Russia which is called The Golden Ring of Russia) near the legendary Russian Volga River and it happened on June 2, 1958, where I grew up and spent 18 years.

I graduated from High Marine College by Admiral S.O. Makarov, the Arctic faculty, located in Leningrad City (today this is Saint Petersburg City) as an engineer-oceanologist (oceanographer) in 1981. One year sooner from December 1979 till June 1980, I participated in the outstanding 25th Soviet Antarctic Sea Expedition as a 1st class sailor on board the diesel ship Michael Somov.

I served as a lieutenant in the Northern Navy Fleet of the USSR in 1986 on the rescue and lifting ship Carpathians (Karpaty).

I worked as a scientist and a chief of scientific field summer and winter expeditions on Lake Onega and the White Sea in the Academy of Sciences of the USSR from 1981 to 1994 in Petrozavodsk town, located in Karelia. I was the first who created the "Classification of the internal waves in Lake Onega" based on detailed investigations of the temperature and currents data obtained over a long period of time and fulfilled thanks to a unique "Maximum Entropy Spectral Analysis" offered to me by my colleague from Israel in 1988. I received a scientific degree in 1994 as a Ph. D. in oceanography, a specialist in Internal Waves Dynamics.

In the dark time from 1994 to 2000, I worked as a local businessman in Petrozavodsk selling different types of water filters and as a local dealer of RISO Kagaku Corporation (a Japanese company that created "nature-friendly" RISO digital printing machines). My brave attempt to become rich in 1995 by making the first million on the replacement of the Petrozavodsk town water filtration system (in association with Swiss Katadyn and American Culligan companies as a joint project) failed because the situation was already under the control of the Russian mafia. I tried to overcome the hardship by publishing an article in the local newspaper about the dangerous quality of tap water in correlation with many diseases, but very soon, as a result of my persistence, I met with a new serious and dangerous problem.

In January 2000 I was forced to immigrate from Russia to Canada as a political refugee, trying to find out a more safe place to protect my family from mafia treatment. Since November 2000 I have been a Canadian citizen.

In Canada, I got lost as a scientist forever by working mostly in construction as a carpenter and painter to survive due to the specific conditions created in this country partly because of the absence of respect in the Canadian government for the national scientific interests associated with water, and to the people with a scientific degree as well. In my opinion, science couldn't be found in Canada because there is no Academy of Sciences as well as the so-called Academician School. On the other hand, the permanently increasing amount of educated fools are not able to make this country outstanding and special. Quantity does not transform into quality. You can even find the Academy of Carpenters, but not the Academy of Sciences. And this is a sign of mental disease in society. What I see can be called a multi-empty society without a national culture and one single point of view on perspective. I see millions of people who are trying to survive by living in a world of illusions: illusions of freedom, happiness, free choice, and democracy. People who are not educated correctly will never understand the difference. And I say - "We never regret what we never know about".

To my mind as my first impression which is still up to today, Canada looks like a huge international EXPO, where the participants (immigrants) are permanently coming from all over the world together with their national products to sell for profit by living in temporary exhibition stands (funny fake homes) as cheap as possible but paying highly overpriced cost just for being there. If you are already living here get ready to be used and cheated by a lawyer, a banker, an auto-mechanic, a doctor, a policeman, and a politician. In other words, what you see is not what it is. Local authorities like to repeat that they are proud of their unique multicultural society. This is a deliberate delusion. I want to say that this country is a "multicultural confrontation". Being a Canadian means just having a Canadian passport. Because such a nation still does not exist. And after all, they dare to say: "We are proud of being Canadians". But they are still silly playful strangers with their original countries' national flags waving above the cars. Is it smart? Frankly speaking, it works like a violent medical treatment at Mental Clinic. It is obvious, that Canada could be organized much better. So, I wanna wish you good luck!

My book "The secret of longevity or truth dissolved in water" is available online on Amazon: click here.

My book in Russian is available online too click here.

Thank you for your practical interest.

Yours, Serguei Roudnev, Ph D
independent water & wellness expert
Canada, Ontario, Toronto

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