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Serguei RoudnevHi! My name is Serguei Fedorovich Roudnev.

My website is dedicated to health. The point was simple — all information you can find today about health is just a jungle to get lost and become crazy. Finally, I created something different — it looks like all you need to know for health and longevity only on one single page. As a scientist, I began my investigation with a suggestion that all biological, chemical, physical and electromagnetic processes taking place in the human body have to obey his individual internal waves dynamics. In other words, I imagined that the human body is just an ocean. So trying to find out the truth about health for myself, I made the fascinating scientific discovery of the four internal forces, which totally control health and longevity without an illusive healthy lifestyle. I gave all of them the names as mineral balance, pH balance, glutathione balance, and bacterial balance.

Shortly speaking, if you don’t take care of all of them at the same time properly, trying to place them at your individual level, you do nothing good for your health. As a result, I created outstanding practical guidance for health and longevity without a healthy lifestyle — The Universal Health Model GOLDEN CROSS®

To my mind, I found the truth about health, because I have been successfully using my discovery since 2004 by helping real people in different countries to protect health and fight naturally any disease, including most dangerous like cancer and HIV. In fact, I got a special experience in creating unique conditions in human body, when the body starts to heal, restore and protect itself. Thanks to the Internet, I can consult from a distance. Anyone can use my discovery for longevity and for extra income as an independent distributor. But in the beginning, I recommend you to try the most outstanding natural products ever created by genius scientists in human history, at a discounted price, and you will be pleased as never before.

My book "The secret of longevity or truth dissolved in water" is available online on Amazon: here.

My book "The Secret of Longevity" is free of charge for Russians here.

Thank you for your practical interest.

Yours, Serguei Roudnev, Ph D
independent water & wellness expert
Canada, Ontario, Toronto

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