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Dr. S. F. Roudnev

Hello, I am Serguei Fedorovich Roudnev, Ph. D, scientist-oceanographer, water & wellness expert. I am an authorized independent distributor for Multi-Pure drinking water systems, ID#397754.

First of all, please stop buying unhealthy plastic bottled water - the ocean is severely and dangerously polluted already (watch this video -! Plastic which the bottle is made from is a real poison due to dangerous chemicals which are dissolved in water you drink. A recent study conducted by the independent Orb Media non-profit journalism organization found that over 90% of all disposable plastic bottled water around the world is contaminated with plastic fibers and microplastic particles ( Protect your health and save this planet - get the right water filter today.

No matter where you live — in Canada, USA, Russia or China. Tap water is always safe only for toilet. Tap water becomes more dangerous after boiling than before! A lot of people around the globe are still living with an illusion by drinking a tap water without proper and safe filtration. For example, tap water in Toronto city is contaminated mostly by industrial pollutants imported from USA by terms of Niagara Falls. On the other hand, tap water should not be safe for drinking because more than 90% of water we have to use for washing and toilet. Why should your government waste your money for flushing a toilet with high quality drinking water? This is really stupid. However, we have one more problem, that is visible only for experts — not any purified water is safe for inside. Without proper education there would not be a true decision for you. Since that moment, you start thinking yourself, you would be able to understand all without unfair information on TV.

It’s my duty and pleasure to help people like you to understand water much better. The time has come for truth about water we drink. Not any clean and pure drinking water is safe for your health, but only hard & alkaline. The use of soft water for inside increases the risk of heart and brain disease, osteoporosis, obesity, and many more. Don’t be fooled by ads on TV about "clean" water with 0.00 ppm of TDS, because these are a commercial fraud and ambush for simple people.

From the scientific point of view the use of soft water breaks mineral balance in the human body. Soft drinking water can be called #1 invisible terrorist kindly and widely presented on the market as distilled water, reverse-osmosis water and just like any water without minerals, Ca & Mg!

To provide you with the scientific understanding of water, I created "Classification of water for life" in 2005 shortly presented here as follows. My suggestion was successfully approved by many scientists and simple people all over the world and at last scientifically documented by ***International Symposium on Health Aspects of Calcium and Magnesium in Drinking Water (24-26 April 2006 Baltimore, Maryland, USA).

„Beginning about 50 years ago, numerous epidemiology studies in many countries concluded that populations consuming „hard water“ containing calcium and/or magnesium have a lower risk of certain types of cardiovascular disease. These studies have not always observed the „hard water„ benefit effect, but in 2004 a committee report to WHO concluded that, on balance, the benefits hypothesis was probably valid, especially for magnesium in drinking water...“

"Classification of water for life" by Dr. S.F. Roudnev, 2005

drinking & cooking TYPE 1 washing & shower TYPE 2
with minerals, Ca, Mg no minerals
TDS = 100-200 ppm TDS = 0 ppm
pH =/> 7 pH = 5.5
found in nature — surface, underground, organic spring water found in nature — rain, ice, snow, icebergs,
etc. Lake Onega, Lake Baikal (highly soft, but alkaline)
made by people 
products made of hard water, water with minerals added, milk, some drinks, juices, beer, wine, beverages
made by people
distilled, reverse-osmosis, boiled water, softeners, vodka, drugs
Type 1 is safe for inside & outside
Type 1 can be transformed into type 2  by boiling that makes water more acid and soft, so that multiple boiling of water is not recommended
Type 2 is not safe for inside Breaks a mineral balance Risk of heart & brain disease, obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis, etc.


To protect human health all drinks, including beer, juice, wine and whisky have to be made from Type 1 water.

Notice. Get to know the difference between alkaline & alkalizing . Instead of consuming alkaline water or alkaline food I recommend to consume an alkalizing water and food. Hard drinking water (with most important minerals as Ca & Mg) and mineralized food will be alkalizing the human body from inside out and controlling the stable value of true pH, which varies in different parts of the human body (for instance, pH in stomach is 3, but in some places of colon pH is 7 as well as inside healthy cells). Otherwise, the usage of alkaline water (Kangen Water Systems, Xooma products, etc.) and alkaline food would damage normal pH balance in stomach and colon system.

Remember. Science is not always truly presented on the market today. The truth is mostly ugly crooked by anticipated profit. Get educated truly yourself.

The Better Way to Water

I recommend you superior water purifier - CLICK ON PICTURE TO BUY NOW, model Aquaperform (MP880SB). Triple warranty provides you with 3 month money back guarantee, including your postage fee, 1 year warranty for all parts and faucet, lifetime warranty for stainless steel case. You can even become a distributor yourself for 10 extra US dollars.

Multi-Pure drinking water systems performance data

Tap Water Quality Database by Environmental Working Group

Scientists trace cancer-causing chemical in drinking water back to methadone

Why Multi-Pure?

First of all, thanks to the unique and powerful material named activated carbon fiber, which is applied inside any MP model and recognized as the most advanced absorbent which is million times more powerful in comparison with activated carbon.

Activated carbon fiber is patented material. That’s why Multi-Pure filters are purifying considerably better and lasting greatly longer than any filter on the market.

Multi-Pure Drinking Water Systems are the Best Buy on the market for Finest Quality (exceeds NSF standards!), Ecological Safety (no resin, iodine & silver!), Biological Safety (no more cysts, viruses, parasites!), Low Price (1 cent for 1 liter!). But much more important for health & longevity is True Organic Water with Ca, Mg & pH=7.

The advantage of MP880 is obvious and crucial. There is a big and invisible problem with water in Northern America (USA & Canada) as Arsenic V is presented in natural water resources in wells, underground water, tap water and in most liquids as milk, juice and beer produced domestically. Arsenic V or rat poison is a powerful poison, that is dangerous even in the smallest dose. The officially "safe" concentration of Arsenic V is 10 ppb (1 ppb = 1/1000 part of 1 ppm). And there is only one — MP880 water filter on the market today that removes Arsenic V from water. I recommend you to drink always a beer imported from Europe and tap water filtered by MP880. It is better than tap water, bottled water and all other water filters on the market today. True organic water — there is nothing better for people’s life. The only right type of water we have to use for inside is true organic water — hard and alkaline.

A man is just an intellectual form of water (like ice, snow, etc.), invisibly to him transforming to mold (when the mineral balance and pH balance are broken).

Resume. It is impossible to compensate the absence of Ca & Mg in water we use for drinking and cooking by using pills with Ca & Mg. These minerals have to be dissolved in water before we use water for health benefits. For most people this simple rule is still hard to believe. Think yourself about WHY?!


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